Your domain registration expires on 1/5/2020

Got an email from Cloudflare saying “Your domain registration expires on 1/5/2020. Transfer to Cloudflare Registrar”. Okay. But what domain? I’ve got a dozen or so and none expire on that day.

One did, but it was renewed on the 14th, so 5-6 days before this email was sent. This isn’t really a big deal, but why is Cloudflare sending emails about a specific domain without mentioning the domain?

Same issue with the Authenticated Origin Pull certificate update email, although I lucked out with that one because I only use the feature on one backend infrastructure with automated provisioning so it was trivial to update.

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I remember someone else posting a few months ago about the same or a similar issue. An email regarding a domain without saying which domain. Admittedly not too useful :slight_smile:


Thank you, both. Can you share an image of the email @thedaveCA? I’ll track it down.

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