Your domain registration expires in xx days!

Hey guys! I got 2 emails which following text:

The domain(s) listed below are expiring with your existing registrar in the number of days indicated. This is a reminder to renew your registration to ensure your domains remain active.

I mean, I have my domain already registered in Germany through my provider. Do I need to do anything now? or should I ignore these emails?

Thanks so much!

Which are the domains? And who sent those emails? Cloudflare?

Assuming this was a Cloudflare email and if your domains are not registered with them but with another provider, they’ll be solely of informative nature and - as long as you keep track of your expiring domain - you’ll be good.

yes the emails came directly from cloudflare…

this is my domain:

so hope nothing will change in a few days…



Yes, that domain is not registered with Cloudflare, so they won’t have any influence on the renewal. Just make sure you renew with your registrar and you’ll be fine.

Hi @papalodd,

Looks like its indeed expiring…

Please contact your domain registrar.

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