Your domain block ! Why?

I realize that Cloudflare is ready to support customers. Slow time is too long for the parts. It proves that this service has many shortcomings and needs improvement.

This only shows up if someone finds malware on the domain and reports it. Make sure your server doesn’t have any malware on it since modern malware commonly hides in other people’s websites and will commonly only perform phishing when certain conditions are met, eg. When coming from Google.

There will likely be more information on the block in your dashboard


Not tracking with what that means, nor do I see any tickets with Support whatsoever. Is there a ticket you’re waiting on Support to respond to? If so, can you share the ticket number here?

If you follow the link @Judge shared, you have an option to request review once you’re certain malware has been removed.
Screenshot from 2020-01-10 09-45-42


Looks like you do not support?

Bye Bye CloudFlare :smiley: