Your DNS zone file is hosted by Hostinger

Recently, hostinger disabled the option to manage/add subdomains in their Cloudflare integration. I thought I could just go directly to my Cloudflare dashboard and manually add the DNS record but the DNS tab says “Your DNS zone file is hosted by Hostinger , a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website.”
Is there a way to get access to my DNS settings in Cloudflare? my domain is Thank you!


Thank you for asking.

You might have to ask this your hosting provider.

Otherwise, I’d suggest you to kindly ask your hosting provider Hostinger to unhook your domain name integration for Cloudflare through their interface as a SaaS.

I’d suggest you to follow the instructions from the article below as they are related to any SaaS integrator:

Therefore, you create your own Cloudflare account and individually and manually add your domain name to your Cloudflare account and change domain nameservers to point to Cloudflare nameservers at your domain registrar.

If they resolve this and after 24 hours you still see this notice in your Cloudflare dashboard for your CF account, you might need to remove the domain name from your CF account and re-add it again (and then change the domain nameservers at your domain registrar).

I can see your domain is currently pointed and using hosting provider’s or temporary registrar’s nameservers which is good in this case (as if not, you would have to point your domain nameservers temporary to your hosting provider’s to resolve DNS records “as-is”).

;ANSWER 21600 IN NS 21600 IN NS
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Thank you. Problem already solved!

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