Your customer Abuse Report ( )

To whom it may concern
Dear sirs/madame,
This is Louis who works for Commons Foundation which has been running “Golden Goose Platform” ( )
However we discovered phishing & fake site which imitated, copied and modified our website.

the fake site URL is

Please find the attached which is a screenshot comparing two sites. File Name is fake_site_compare_screenshot.jpg
Unfortunately the website is running in the Cloudflare, so we decided to inform these critical stuffs of the Cloudflare & its staffs.
The main reason we inform these of you is the said website would produce victims who are innocent through provoking private information leakage, monetary loss, and other potential risks.

We would like you & the Cloudflare to shut down the fake site just for the Cloudflare. If the fake site is under operation continuously, it would make disgrace the Cloudflare.
Hopefully you guys will shut down the said site( ) immediately.
In another way, revoking SSL certificate would help users know that this site is dangerous.
Apart from this informing, we are considering civil & criminal action against “”.
Look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Best regards,
{pii redacted}

You can reach Cloudflare’s Abuse Department here:

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