Your content that has been blocked, no response from review

Hello there,
We always have a lot of attackers on our site, (some competitors that are just not good people) and try to screw us in multiple ways, they do everything, from faking official documents, to ddos attacks, trying phishing, using fake credit cards to screw our payment methods and a bunch of other things.

Lately, they got us to be blocklisted by all security websites, netcraft, sucuri, windows, etc…
Pretty easy to solve, just sent them an email, 1-2 days later, they apologised and unblacklisted the sites.

But Cloudflare also blocked my domain (per Netcraft request) from what I heard, which I sent Cloudflare the email from Netcraft saying it was an error and even the report link shows “Please disconsider previous emails”

I requested Cloudflare to do a new review, and now my domain just got deleted from the account together with all the old configuration.

And I used to pay for the business plan and other features, so its not a problem to do that if needed.

Could someone help me with that :(?

What is the domain?

Can I send you in Private?

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