Your connection to this website is not secure

When I open my website on Google chrome. It shows your connection to this site is not secure. The certificate is invalid. I have hosted my website on namecheap and brought the domain from godaddy. I have used my almost 2 months with godaddy’s nameserver and after that I have shifted the nameserver to cloudflare. I already got SSL from my hosting provider Namecheap and I have just changed my nameserver from godaddy to cloudflare. Now after some days my website shows that “my connection is not secure” and I have invalid certificate. So I’m facing trouble and I have some question

  1. Is this problem created by changing the nameserver?
  2. Is there 2 individual SSL certificate present which causes the error because one of my brother’s website shows that the SSL provider is Cloudflare. (They use free version) but in my case the SSL issuer is different.
  3. Some other browser shows that my website have “Secure connection”. But chrome always shows invalid certificate and insecure connection. I have checked it from different PC’s. I have also cleared data, cookies from chrome browser but nothing happened.

Please help me.

It looks like it’s working.

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