Your Connection To This Site Is Note Fully Secured

I have everything is ok except secure connection green icon.
Check Your Self: Massive
Check The ScreenShot And Help Me To Solve This Problem.

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Chrome is saying that some of the resources of your web page are requested over http. If you go to the Developer Tools console you will see the Mixed Content warnings. “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” tries to fix it but I don’t think it gets every URL. The best way to fix this is to configure or update your website to request things over https. Another way to fix it is to use a Content-Security-Policy (CSP) to upgrade insecure requests.

It’s probably not a bad idea to set up the CSP anyway even if you did fix the links.

How ?
I am Noob in this matter!

go to your website and change http urls to https and make sure they work.

maybe also add that csp policy… but do the first thing unless it is difficult

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