Your connection to this server has been blocked


Since yesterday, access to my site’s admin panel has been barred with the following message: Your connection to this server has been blocked.

After disabling Cloudflare, the access returns normally.

I’ve tried clearing Cloudflare’s cache and activating it again, but even so I still receive the same message, and cannot access my site’s admin panel.

Right now, my site is bypassing Cloudflare.

Does anyone know a fix for this problem?



Can you post a screenshot?



This is not a Cloudflare error.

The IP address shown is one from the Cloudflare network, as your visitor’s IP addresses are hidden behind it.
Check your WordPress plugin or firewall and add exceptions for this IP ranges,


Hi Mark,

Your suggestion was already tried by the hosting service on their firewall, but it didn’t work.


This server’s firewall sounds like something you installed on that machine. Either investigate that or get your sysadmin to investigate.


I have two sites running through Cloudflare, and only one of them is presenting this problem.

There was nothing new installed on my PC, nor the site. It simply started doing that overnight.

I’ve even tried accessing the site from another PC, as well from my cell phone using the cell data service instead of ADSL, and got the same message.


Good! Its still not a Cloudflare error and nobody here can tell what is installed on your server/network. That screen must come from somewhere and you’d need to check what that is. Either on your own or with the assistance of the person responsible for it.


Thanks anyway. I’ll keep on investigating.


Error messages from CloudFlare indicating that access is denied are branded. You message isn’t. It seems that this captcha is triggered when a CloudFlare IP hits your server. And that’s the case when you set your DNS records to :orange:

Check your server, software, WordPress plugins… Everything. It could also be compromised. Just saying.


Try disabling ModSecurity on the server and see if problem is solved.

Seems your webserver/website doesn’t receive the actual IP of end user, and by multiple attempts from different users in the same region (or a single user) your security solution is triggered. To gain access you need to use a different CF server, so any VPN other than brasil could do that for you.

Setup your webserver/website/plugin to receive the actual IP address of each user, so no one gets punished for others fault.


Thanks for the tip. I’ll give it a try.


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