Your connection isn't private / Redirects to

In random intervals I get an unsecure SSL & my site throws “Your connection isn’t private.” errors.
Once I press, “proceed anyway” it redirects to saying I have malware on the site, however it’s a clean install of the site.

The errors go away after I go through the steps to go in the site, but that’s not the expected outcome, as it shouldn’t even redirect to the whalebone site.

Let me know what info I should provide for you to check the site and what should I do to ensure this doesn’t happen, as I’ve done multiple scans for malware and I’ve found none.

Assuming your site is the one in the lower screenshot (NSFW for any visitors), then I don’t see that redirect and all seems ok.

It may be that your ISP is using services. Try from another connection, or another DNS resolver.


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