Your connection isn't private (after revoke ssl and re create it)


I revoke ssl from my site on CloudFlare ( Origin Server ) then re-create new one because i lost private key when changing VPS to new one…

I use full ssl by CloudFlare and now I’m raining to use Flexible and set up one of the VPS panel server itself “R3”…

one of my site to see the issue:

Does anyone have an idea of ​​what I did and how to solve the problem because I have more than one site and they all have the same error? I think the certificate that I delete should not be deleted from the beginning.

You appear to have a working Origin certificate.

What’s your current encryption mode? If it is Flexible, then you have an insecure site and should change that to Full Strict.


the issue with full (it work if I change it to Flexible and create new SSL from vps panel) but i want it full SSL by CloudFlare

the issue only with “Full”, it work normally if I change it to Flexible and create new SSL from vps panel

but i want it full SSL by CloudFlare

As I mentioned, Full is insecure, you should be on Full Strict.

i change it now to full (Strict) same issue :frowning: , but how it used to work on full before?

Thanks for your quick replies and help :slight_smile:

So you are on Full Strict now?

In that case it should be fine and seems to load as well. Just make sure your www record is proxied as well.

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I forgot to run the Proxie on the www cname :frowning:

I feel stupid now

Thank you very much, it is now working normally because of your help, keep up the great work :heart:

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