"Your connection is not secure"

Hi everyone,
I am experiencing a problem with a subdomain of my website:
which is hosted by Clickfunnels.

For some reason I get this error message ““Your connection is not secure””
and the page won’t load anymore.

Another page under the subdomain doesn’t seem to be affected and loads without problems.

I didn’t change anything in the cloudfare settings so I am kind of stuck here.

Clickfunnels support told me to reach out to Cloudfare.

I attached 2 screenshots (my DNS entries on Cloudflare and the Crypto page)

I tried to enable the “gray cloud” in the DNS records for “CNAME secure.liveguitar.de” but it changes back to gray.

Any suggestions are very much appreciated since I really have no idea about all this. :slight_smile:
Thank you very much in advance for your assistance.

The certificate expired, but that host points straight to Clickfunnels so it is them who have to renew it.

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Thank you Sandro. I will write them your answer.
Do you have any idea why then the other page under this subdomain still work?
This one? http://secure.liveguitar.de/signup

That page is not on HTTPS, hence no expired certificate.

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