"Your connection is not private!"

I thought I checked this earlier, but your domain is not using Cloudflare name servers.

The bottom of your DNS page here will tell you which two name servers you should set at your registrar (Nominet?).

Make sure you have a DNS “A” record for ramizahra.co.uk. It should have the same IP address(es) as the ‘www’ entry. And that it’s set to :orange: Proxied also.

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I guess that’s what you mean right?

You can see at the top it’s giving you a warning to Add an “A” record. Do this with +Add record:

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I’m so sorry sir
I really do apologize for your time
Do you mean to I write hear my signer inside the field in this way “www.ramizahra.co.uk” ?

I added this, but the alert above keeps popping up!
I also find “www” in the end not in the beginning!
I’d classify myself in this field: an idiot :drooling_face:

Your picture does not match my picture. It should exactly match.

I did exactly as in the picture, and this is the result

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Do you think that’s enough, and no more problems, sir?
I admit that I took a lot of your time, thank you so much, I am very grateful to you!

It looks like you’re all set. I’m glad it all worked out. I’m going to close this topic now. Have a great day!

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