"Your connection is not private!"

Hi there,
This appears to me two days ago, and I’m not an expert, I contacted the site’s staff, but I didn’t find a response yet…

When someone contacts me, he attaches links to long articles that even engineers don’t understand!
Please! Is there an easy solution? A gradual way for beginners like me? Do I as a journalist for a blog, have to study the software language in order to do a quick maintenance for my site? Although I bought a subscription to relax, but in fact, the problems did not appear to me until after I purchased the subscription!
Please, is there anyone who can guide me with steps 1 2 3 4 and solve this problem?

That connection (your www address) connects directly to your host, which looks like a Google hosted site. Your certificate expired over a month ago. You’ll need to fix the certificate over there.

SSL Server Test: www.ramizahra.co.uk (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs)


Thanks for the help sir
Please, consider me a child, and I am actually a child in this field, I only write, and I have nothing to do with all these things in fact,
You can now check the link that you attached, and take a look please
After I created a certificate with Cloudflare, the settings changed, do you think this is enough?
What should I do in the next step?
I want to end this problem today, and always, so what do you think you will find is enough? Or do I take other steps? Is there a paid certificate from Cloud Flare? Can you give me a link to buy it please?

Is your site still not working?


No, it is currently working
But I am afraid that this will happen again!

Cloudflare will autorenew your certificate here. But it’s up to you and your host to make sure the certificate on the hosting server stays up to date.


I am grateful to you sir

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You currently have a security issue.

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The site is currently not working with many unfortunately
Even though I bought a certificate from Cloud Flare
Go look for solutions, they attach the links to the description of the problems!! And I don’t understand any of it

Is there anyone who can adjust the site for a quarter of an hour, please? i am ready to pay the costs?
I have a paid security certificate. - Monthly.
I have a Pro subscription
I just want my site to work, and to benefit from my subscription only!

I know that, but I don’t know where to start unfortunately, I don’t understand at all about these things, at all, at all
I bought the Pro service from here to rest, but the problems increased!
I have a paid security certificate and I activated it, but unfortunately the site is not working yet!

You need to start with a site that works with HTTPS before you add it to Cloudflare.

Your first step here is to use the “Bypass Cloudflare on Site” option from the Overview page of your domain at dash.cloudflare.com. After clicking on that link, wait five minutes to take effect.

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Yes sir, my website is https.
Yesterday, I bought a paid subscription because none of them are responding, and I don’t know the process of setting it up. I thought it would automatically solve the problem, but it seems that the problems increased!

But you have the same problem as before. Please don’t come to Cloudflare with a broken server and ask us for help due to a hosting issue.

Go back and follow my instructions to Pause Cloudflare, and let us know when you have a server that’s properly configured so we can continue.

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oh! well
I did it

What do I do now please?

Ask your host to fix this. If they can’t, then get another host.

Although I never how and from where, unfortunately
I sent it to Google, which I bought from it, then shortly without any explanation, some updates appeared to me! As in the attached pictures
Screenshot 2021-08-29 at 1.35.34 am

And here I made a new check, you can take a look:


Is this enough ? What is the next step please?
I am so sorry, I repeat that: I do not understand anything, but I am trying!



  1. Un-pause Cloudflare from Overview tab of dash.cloudflare.com
  2. On SSL/TLS tab, make sure it’s set to Full (Strict)
  3. On SSL/TLS → Edge Certificates, enable “Always Use HTTPS” and “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites”
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Screenshot 2021-08-29 at 2.06.51 am

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