"Your connection is not private"

Hi there,
Just joined Cloudflare through Kajabi. I have connected my domain, it’s active and I have selected FULL SSL, however I am getting this when I visit my domain

Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from


I have read that the first 24 hours this can happen, my question is do I have to pay the $5 to resolve this? If it doesn’t adjust within 24 what shall I do?
Thanks in advance!

You have only just added your domain to Cloudflare. It takes a few hours to generate a certificate, and you received the error as you were checking your own service before the certificate was issued. If you clear your browser cache the certificate should be fine, and tools like Hardenize show it looks OK.

You should consider enabling the “Always Use HTTPS” setting also.

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