Your connection is not private recurring


I am experiencing Your connection is not private error while accessing the website After a couple of minutes the website will become accessible However, another couple of minutes the website returns an error again. I have checked other post regarding the same issue but none of those actually solves my issue. We have tried accessing the website on other devices and it is also not working. any help would be appreciated.

Here’s a screenshot of the error

Thanks guys

It’s loading securely for me. It sounds like DNS is still propagating, which can take up to 48 hours. How long ago did you put your site on Cloudflare?

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Hi sdayman, Thanks for your reply. The website was on Cloudflare for almost a year now so I’m not sure if it’s still propagating? The last person who put the website in Cloudflare is no longer with the company so I am not really sure what to do.

How will I know in the future if the website is being attacked?


That warning isn’t a signal of an attack.

If it happens again, open your browser’s Development Tools (F12 in Chrome), and go to the network tab there. If you click on one of the files from your site, you’re supposed see HTTP Response Headers that show it’s going through Cloudflare. Hopefully you see some clues as to why you’re getting the warning.

That browser warning usually includes a way to see which TLS certificate the site is using. The name_invalid hints that if you look at the certificate, you’ll see a certificate hostname that shows where it’s coming from.

Thanks sdayman again for the help.

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