Your connection is not private on My Website

Hi Team,

I am getting “Your connection is not private” on my website after installing Cloudflare Flexible SSL.

I request you to please look into this matter and guide me the same.

Hi @annabean127,

Your site loads OK for me with :ssl:, try clearing your cache.

Also, you may want to read Why flexible SSL mode is not the best choice.

I already clear the cache but still showing me below error.

That would suggest you dont have a valid HTTPS certificate on your webserver.

Yes, I am using Cloudflare for HTTPS certification.

Cloudflare cant serve for HTTPS only. You still need a certificate on your server.

Means I am using free SSL certificate provided by Cloudflare.

I understand that. That still does not work.

The certificate issued by Cloudflare is only for their edge servers but you still need a certificate on your server.

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