Your connection is not private NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID

Hi Community

I am having an issue with the dns because it is giving me the following issues:

  1. I am using settings DNS only to redirect the url to a Zoho Landing page using the setting provided by zoho. Also the SSl is successfully installed from Zoho side and the domain is pointing but I’m getting this error

Your connection is not private

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  1. I have a message in my dashboard saying: CNAME records normally can not be on the zone apex. We use CNAME flattening to make it possible. [Learn more]

Please can someone help me urgently as I have ads running!!!


It seems your issue is with the apex domain… as works fine for me.

You need to proxy (:orange:) the apex domain and redirect it to www. Here’s a simple guide: Single Redirects — Example rules · Cloudflare Rules docs


The above is the general approach, and it should work if done properly. But it seems Zoho can take care of this automatically from their end as well. See: Zoho Sites Help- Domain Forwarding.

ok great thanks - makes sense - where do I put the redirect in cloudflare (sorry I’m not very technical)

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I’m using zoho landing pages not zoho sites which is why I can’t use that functionality

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