"Your Connection is not private" failed SSL authentication

Its been 24 hours and still getting not private errors on all 3 of my sites.

bhamid dot com
mbhamid dot com
newnexuscomic dot com

Please let me know if I’m missing anything.

All three domains show as using MediaTemple DNS and hosting.

Yes, I have Cloudflare as addon service for managing my site.
It links to my cloudflare account where I can adjust the SSL and optimization for the sites.

Media temple even has a link to manage cloudflare and SSL (links to my cloudflare account) - from their dashboard. Am I wrong to assume this will work?

It may work, but then there would be one extra step: Turning on the Cloudflare proxy at MediaTemple. Right now, it’s DNS-Only.

Hi, I;ve been able to get mbhamid dot com and newnexuscomic dot com to work… I think.

Only one giving me trouble is bhamid.com… cant figure out why the .htaccess refused to stick www in there.

Can you check on your side please? Much appreciated.

EDIT: nevermind site is down. Will be for a while.

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