Your connection is not private error with Clickfunnel SSL

Since a few days, my pages with Clickfunnel and my subdomain do not work anymore.
I have this error message :

So impossible for my company to sell my products and services for 4 days.
Normally I created a DNS line with: CNAME, program and
However, I find myself with this error:

I do not understand where problem comes from, it appears overnight. On the error page I find this message:

I went to live in Indonesia for 3 weeks, that has an impact?
I contact support, but I have no answer or 1 answer a day
Plus Clickfunnel support does not understand the problem either

Do you have any solutions ? I’m starting to despair
Thank you for your prompt response

You and Clickfunnels are both Cloudflare customers.

Since you have a CNAME set up that resolves to a domain within a Cloudflare account that doesn’t belong to you, you have no ability to control the Cloudflare settings for your subdomain.

That being said, its weird that serves an expired certificate for your domain. I think those certificates normally should be auto renewed.

I would try to push the Clickfunnels support once again, and let them send in a support ticket to Cloudflare.

Thanks for your answer.
I’ve already sent a ticket to Cloudflare and here is their answer:

I noticed that the is grey clouded (not going through Cloudflare network) and the URL gets automatically redirected to the default page of clickfunnel.
Could you contact clickfunnel 's support team and ask them to troubleshoot your issue? We cannot help you resolve the issue since 's traffic is going directly to

Do you have an idea please ?

Exactly. That basically corresponds with my above answer.

You’ll need to reach out to Clickfunnels and ask them to help you.

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