Your connection is not private error in phone but not in desktop


Today I have enabled Free SSL for my website, it is working perfectly in desktop but it is not working in the phone, I am using chrome browser on both devices, I had tried on the Android browser but got the same error. What is the problem? Please help !


It’s working for me and shows a valid SSL. (Chrome Mobile). Can you clears your cache for your browser and try again?


you are right, its also working in my friend’s mobile, but even after clearing the cache, its is showing the same error :frowning:


What’s the exact error and which Android / Chrome mobile version do you use?


Your connection isn’t private
Attackers might be trying to steal your info from (for example, passwords, messages or credit cards).

i have also tried in Mobile Edge Browser and got the same error.

i am using -

Android 5.1.1
Chrome Version: 65.0.3325.109
Edge Version:


Your SSL setting @ CF is "Full (strict)?
If so, set it back to Full and check again. If the error disappears, there might be something wrong with your server configuration. (Certificate chain for example)


No, it is on “Flexible”


These are some screenshot that maybe helpful to solve this issue.


Thank You So Much @MarkMeyer For Your Help, It is solved now, i just disabled the SSL in Crypto section and re-enabled it, and booom!! its workinng perfectly. Thank You Again For Your Quick Replies.


Your’re welcome. Glad to read, though I didn’t do anything. :smiley:

Little hint:

“Flexible” will only encrypt the traffic between client and Cloudflare. Traffic between Cloudflare and your server remains unencrypted. I highly recommend to enable SSL on your origin, even with a self signed certificate and use at least “Full” SSL.

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