Your connection is not private dedicated IP

hi, firstly im sorry if someone already ask about this topic, because i don’t know what services it is,
i want to create my site to Unique IP, i’ve tried using my hosting provider service regarding unique IP’s but when i try to visit my site, it say “your connection is not private” and i have to click “advance” then proceed anyway ,
i dont want this connection is not private pop up when i or anyone visiting my site
i have example
this site can use https and valid certificate
also here another example
but i think this does not have valid certificate , but when someone try to visiting the site there’s no pop up about connection security
can someone help me what kind of service do i need ?
and is cloudflare provide this kind of services ? since my hosting customer support referring cloudflare about this unique IP url
thanks anyway and sorry for my english :slight_smile:

There is a built in translator, so you can type in your own language. (Make sure your grammar and spelling are correct to help the translator)

It is unusual to see a certificate on an IP address (Let’s Encrypt have decided to stop work on this feature).

You cannot have that “hostname” behind Cloudflare. You need to have a domain name to add your site to Cloudflare. And you should have a valid certificate for that domain name active on your server before adding to to Cloudflare.

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