"Your connection is not private" (chrome) and "Your connection is not secure" (firefox)

Last night (over 12 hours ago now) I set up Cloudflare for my domain and other subdomains and this morning I wasn’t getting any error messages like what are in the title, but now I’m getting them again. I understand that technically it could take around 24 hours to fully propagate, but is it normal for the error messages to resolve and then come back again when I haven’t changed anything in Cloudflare? Thanks!

DNS changes fluctuate for the first 24 hours or so. If you’d like more help, post your domain name.

Okay, that makes sense. Just making sure! The domain name is herpesopportunity.com, specifically the subdomain I’m working on is https://forums.herpesopportunity.com

All green here. Your forum as well as your page is secured and providing a valid Cloudflare certificate.

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Good to know it’s green for you guys! It’s still showing up not secure for me: 2018-07-13_16-01-53.jpeg

Thanks for checking!

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Clear your DNS cache.
cmd > ok
ipconfig /flushdns -> return

And try again

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Hm, what does that mean? :stuck_out_tongue:
Where would I go inside of my Cloudflare account to clear my DNS cache?

No you need to to this on your pc.

open the window command line, type ipconfig /flushdns and press return.
You also should clear your browser cache

Thanks so much for clarifying! Is this what’s supposed to be returned?

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