Your connection is not private browser SSL issue

Getting error: net::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID, after installing origin CA SSL for subdomain on godaddy and origin web server.” i followed this article to set up origin SSL. Its been a week my issue is not resolved, help me to solve this.


Have you enabled Cloudflare for your site, and set it to proxied :orange: mode?

yes enabled cloudflare DNS set all the DNS records, enabled :orange:
for main domain i.e it is showing namecheap ssl, When i look into cpanel SSL/TLS installed ssl for main domain , for subdomain i.e. ssl is cloudflar’s origin ssl is installed.

I have a doubt here earlier cloudflare was not enabled to my domain name cheap SSl was installed, after enabling cloudflare on top of the domain universal SSL will get enable automatically right?

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