Your connection is not private -

Hello, I’ve got the Your connection is not private message for when I try to go to the https://
The SSL is apparently active and I have flushed my DNS. Happy to accept that I have done something wrong but I’ve set up a few of these now and I’m not aware of doing anything different. Its been a few days as I have patiently been waiting for rollovers but its still like this.

Is it me? Thank you in for of any help

You need to active the icon :orange: so that Clouflare proxy works on the DNS section of the dashboard.

Your domain isnt pointing to Cloudflare. You did change nameservers, not at your registrar though but at your host, which is the wrong place I am afraid.

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Thank you Sandro :blush:
I did change it but I can see at Nominet it hasn’t worked so just set it again and … I’ll wait and see.

Thank you Adaptive that is set, I think it will end up being the nameserver.


The change is already announced by the registry. Should work now, unless it still needs some time to propagate.

Yes, all is well thank you again:+1:

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