Your connection is not a dedicated

Your connection is not a dedicated
connection An attacker may be trying to steal your information (eg passwords, messages or credit cards) from
Subject: Cloudflare Origin Certificate
Issuer: Cloudflare, Inc.
Expires on: August 22, 2037 Current date: September 1, 2022
Request the official cancellation of this SS certificate, I have deleted all certificates in the cf account, but this problem still occurs when I visit the website, please help, thank you!

Hi. You should turn on Cloudflare proxy (:grey::orange:) for the domain in which you want to use Universal SSL. Also, don’t forget to turn it on if you have it disabled. Hope it helps!

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The Origin Certificate is only valid for communication between Cloudflare and your server. You do not have the proxy (orange cloud) turned on, and you must have that turned on in order for the Origin Certificate to work properly.


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