Your cloudflare invoice is attached (No it isnt!)

As I buy/renew a lot of domains, I’m kinda relying on invoices via email, this has been working well most of the time.

But for example, someitmes the invoice email will come through, sans invoice.

Not a problem I hear you say! yes, they are available within the dash. However, the difference is in the naming of the resulting file.

Via email, the invoice is named more human friendly, i.e. Cloudflare-invoice-2022-05-06.pdf , whereas via the dashboard, the files is named using an unknown number format (not a unix timestamp), i.e. 167388337.pdf - this makes it much more difficult to refer to in the future unless I manually rename these files.

Hi @Rocketesta,
Sorry for any inconvenience, this is a known issue that is currently being worked on, meanwhile your invoices are still available within your accounts dashboard in the billing section.


Thanks for the reply @Laurie

Yeah, I did note that in my post; but the naming of of the invoices via download is less convenient.

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