:Your account has been deactivated please contact support

Hi,I’m trying to visit my sites from Google search bar and I get this message:Your account has been deactivated please contact support.I contacted my domain providers and from their side is all ok but also on my dashboard here shows active.Any suggestions?

Can you post a screenshot of that?

Also, what is your domain?

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Thehealthanddiet.com and beautyandfitness.xyz.

That is a message directly from your host. You need to contact your host about that issue.

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But my host is cloudflare.

Cloudflare is not a host. Your site is hosted somewhere else and you need to contact them.

I bought these sites 1year ago from a guy in Fiverr and they had free hosting,I thought that I transferred my hosting on cloudflare .Seems like I was wrong.Point is I can’t contact this guy on Fiverr cause he has stop providing services there.Any idea what to do?

In that case you host probably has shut down your site. But you still need to contact them. Neither the community nor Cloudflare can do anything about this, I am afraid.

Can I transfer my sites to other hosting without need contacting them?

If you have your entire site data, of course.

Entire site data?How I’m checking on this guy Fiverr account the only I have is the DNs names.

What you can do is check in your DNS settings on Cloudflare, where your site actually points and - based on these IP addresses - try to determine who the host is and contact them.

If you do not have the site data you will need to get it from the host.

Unfortunately that issue is beyond the scope of the forum here. Maybe StackExchange or Reddit can assist further, but the best course of action might be to hire a professional to trace your data and set it up from scratch on another service, if so necessary.

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Big problems…Thank you very much my friend for your fast response I very appreciative.Thank you for your time and consideration.

Spot-on suggestion from @sandro, once you have the IP from your A record, you can find out who owns it using this tool, https://dnschecker.org/ip-whois-lookup.php.

It’s a real pain and sorry you’re going through it, but post back and let us know how it’s going.

I found the hosting provider of this guy that has created and was hosting my sites but they can’t give any contact information the only they did is sent him my email and I’m waiting to see if he will contact me or no.That is all till now but how I see will restart my blogs from the beginning using the old domains.Thank you again for your help and support cloonan.

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