Your abuse flow far far from even a good one

I decided to write here because your abuse system is pretty terrible. And anyone can block anyone.

The issue:

  • for fun i develop opensource Telegram fork (the Telegraher )
  • APKs are built on github’s CI/CD from opensource
  • I had some angry folks from China last year in my chat who don’t trust into 1989 nor uyghurs and these folks told me that they will down my fork
  • i host same APKs also on a CDN via Cloudflare

What i see? Well badbazaar chinese botnet point to my links, netcraft UK company spaming me w/ abuses to block legit files, i ignore these alerts. Netcraft reach Cloudflare & Cloudflare BLOCK my files w/ phishing message.

Thats completely wrong flow to block a user (guess i use CF for 12y or ±) for legit files just because botnet point to these files and noname uk company made abuse w/o providing any useful datas. If they will abuse cloudflare link you will block yourself also? Guess, no.

You need to review your abuse flow and repair what you broke.

Why it’s important:
I’m working for a startup in France and i’d like to move on personalized enterprise plan because of some geo features we need in EU.
Also i want to host our legit app from google play on a CDN (just because i can). Some folks have phones w/o gapps so they can freely download that apk signed by google.
And w/ actual Cloudflare’s behavior it’s isn’t safe to use it for business cause any botnet/virusstuff/whatever can include links on your app/website/nomatter and some noname “security” company will make an abuse about this.

I can imagine that on Enterprise plan there are probably different way to handle these issues and there are no “phishing warning” like on free plans, but because i can and i am the person who do the architecture i want to use the solutions who offer same quality services no matter how much you’re paying.
I.e. more money for more features but same quality is mandatory for me personally. And because i always do the best in my job and invest myself maximum i can’t use Cloudflare as i planned to use 1y ago when i’ve seen and spoken w/ you in Paris Tech4Retail’2022.
Btw next week i go again on tech4retail so hope to see you and get 1 more t-shirt :slight_smile:

Also i admit that maybe i’m wrong and these files from the code built on Github’s CI/CD and forked from official telegram repo and used by thousand of folks (and me actually) contain some dirty stuff, well show me where and how, code is available.

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