You haven't installed any apps on your site yet

Hello, I have a couple of Apps installed and Active on my site and 1 is the NoAdBlock App which is Paid monthly.

My problem is I can’t manage the App at all, when I click the installed Apps tab it is blank.

Anyone else with the issue? Or know how to fix?


Hi Kieran,

Looks like the app might have been disabled a few days ago:

We’ve disabled that functionality in the app, and are working with the app developer now. Thanks for reporting the issue!


Hi Alan, Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I only just Purchased/Installed the App via Cloudflare Control Panel and it functions fine. Not sure why they would have it still in the App Store and selling subscriptions if it was disabled?

Hi @kieran_mm - There is a known issue that is impacting the displaying of some installed apps in the appropriate tab, but the team is currently working on it.

When viewing the app on the main tab do you see an “Edit Details” button on apps you have installed?

Hi Ryan, No I don’t see any “Edit Detail” it just has the “Install for $7/month” which Ive already clicked and subscribed and I see that the subscription is being billed in the billing section.

So I’m not sure how I even remove it now even If I wanted to.

I’m told that if you initiate the install again you won’t be charged. If you are charged we will readily refund you. Go ahead and try installing again and then depending on how it goes I will likely ask that you submit a support ticket and share the ticket number with me so I can expedite the resolution.

Thanks for your patience. This is still new and I guess we have a few more kinks to work out.

That fixed it.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile: