"You have used **1 of 20** Load Balancers" but nothing there!

Hello there,

I was using Load balancer 8 months ago then i stopped renewing it, Today i need to use it again so i renewed it and i realized that there was a due payment also

But now i have an issue here.

I am trying to remove an old origin but it responds with “This object is referenced by other objects, delete them first. (Code: 1005)” and Load Balancer page says " You have used 1 of 20 Load Balancers included in your plan." but there is nothing in the table

The Load Balancer Table shows only the Load Balancers on that same domain. You most likely have a Load Balancer, but created on a different domain/zone than the one you are looking at.

When you go to delete the pool itself, it should tell you:

Pool in use

This pool is used by the following load balancers. Remove the pool from the load balancers in order to delete it:


Where <lb.example.com> would be the actual hostname of the LB, then you can just go to that zone and delete the load balancer from it.

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