You have unverified contacts?

I have transferred my two domains to Cloudflare.
I found " You have unverified Contacts. View Contacts" this message in my domain transfer page.

What to do next.



Facing the same issue

two domain went fine. two others shows the same unverified contact status altough i’ve accept them numerous time over a 6 hours period.

the View contact link isn’t working. Can’t resent contact verification.

Resolved this issue by approving transfer in the domain settings of my outgoing registrar. Previously, I had only transferred from Namecheap which includes a final approval in its email. For my current registrar (porkbun) this final approval is actually in the dashboard and I had missed until today it. The transfer completed almost immediately after approving.

Yes, true. It got resolved automatically once am done with the domain transfer process. Thank you.

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