You have reached the limit of widgets for this account. (Code: 10405)

I am trying to migrate a series of reCAPTCHA implementations to Turnstile but have hit a limit on the number of sites that I can add. I am getting an error code 10405 (You have reached the limit of widgets for this account.) when trying to add an eleventh site. I was under the impression that Turnstile was free to use. From an article on the Cloudflare website dated 29/9/23 “Announcing Turnstile’s General Availability means that Turnstile is now completely production ready, available for free for unlimited use via our visible widget in Managed mode.”

Is the limit a legacy error or will the restriction remain? If it is to remain, do you recommend using the same widget on multiple sites?

Many thanks in advance


Same issue here.

Also have this issue! Is there a workaround solution?

Any update on this? Unable to implement with current restrictions.

Waiting for this too.

The only workaround for this is to create more accounts…

Seems like they’re not interested in removing the cap. I asked in the Discord.

any update please ?
can we open another account to add more websites ?
Thank you for your help.

Creating new accounts is against their terms and conditions.

I’ve just added multiple domains to each widget. Each widget has a limit of 10 domains. So I guess the theoretical upper limit is 100 domains. The only downside is the keys are then not domain-specific so if you roll one, you’d have to update 10 sites. Analytics is also more general rather than domain-specific.


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