You have exceeded the daily Cloudflare Workers KV free tier limit of 1000 Workers KV delete operations

Hi, I received this email but don’t see what are being deleted and how they are triggered. Is there a way to find out what is being deleted?

I use Wrangler to deploy static sites so I wonder if it somehow deletes things during deployment?

I have the same issue. My static site 60 pages contains 1800+ files of which 900+ are from tinymce and 500+ static icons. On upload is Cloudflare deleting the whole site hence exceeding the 1000 limit ?

The solution here is to move the static site to Cloudflare Pages.

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Thanks for reply. I use workers because I do not want to use github or gitlab. Prefer to upload directly from our system.

However just been reading the pages docs. Are direct uploads now supported ? ie do not need github.


You can upload directly with Pages :slight_smile:

It is limited to 1000 files for direct uploads, though.

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