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Hi, i’m getting Forbidden Error with message as “you don’t have permissions to view the page”, when tried to verify logs in firewall menu in cloudfare by using “Ray ID”,i’m not getting any relevant information by RayID. how can troubleshoot it further ??

I’m slow and inefficient, so I scroll through the firewall event log until I find it by looking at the URL, timestamp, and IP address. Timestamp should be enough if you can replicate the error.

No information is getting logged even if i search with host or IP address or Ray ID. it shows as zero records in firewall logs.

There’s also the chance you’re looking at the wrong Cloudflare account. Make sure the name servers on that account match the ones that WHOIS shows for that domain.

Otherwise, maybe Support can track it down.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help.

I found the issue and it has fixed.

How did you fix it?

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