"You don't have permission to view this video" on all Stream videos

These videos have been working without issue for several years. The embed code used on one of the videos (there are over 90 of them) is:

However when I check in Cloudflare for this particular video the embed code is different and uses a source of "[https://iframe.videodelivery.net](https://iframe.videodelivery.net/)" in the embed code. Was something changed recently that changed the embed code and stopped the old embed code working? Thanks

So what’s the embed code?

By the way, yes they are using another domain for the video hosting other than cloudflarestream.com, and both of them should work without issues.

ahhh thank you! Oops the embed code got stripped. Actually I’ve worked out the issue. It didn’t seem to fix it the first time I tried, but it is now working.

We had allowed origin domains listed and the www domain was listed but not the https version, once I took the domains out or added the https version the error disappeared.

Thanks for letting me know that both hosting versions should work though.

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