You currently have no domains available for transfer

I have a domain ready to transfer from Google.

DNSSEC is disabled
Privacy protection is off
I have unlocked and received Auth Code.
Confirmed my billing is updated and not PayPal.

I go to Transfer and I’m stuck on Step 1.
There are no domains to select.
How do I get Cloudflare to know about my domain?
How do I get to Step 2?

Did you add the domain to Cloudflare yet, and is the TLD you are trying to transfer supported by Cloudflare?

Where do I add the domain to Cloudflare?

On the Register page, it directs me back to Transfer.

The domain is a .com

You can start by following this:

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Thanks. I did not see the Add Site on the top navigation.

I was busy looking at the left-side navigation.
Maybe CF could add an “Add Site” link on the left in a future version.

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