You can't get there from here (site_id mismatch error)

I changed the Name servers on my site ( I have checked on more than one DNS Propagation Checkers and it seems to have propagated but I get this message when I try to visit the site - (I have contacted and they say the problem is not from their end.)

You can’t get there from here (site_id mismatch error).
This happens when an external blog (a self-hosted blog using the Jetpack plugin) is pointed to by DNS.
If you are trying to migrate away from, please update your DNS to point the domain to your own server.
Otherwise please contact support and explain what you were trying to do, what steps you took, what you expected to happen, and what actually happened.

Have you tried Pausing Cloudflare to see if the site works properly? “Pause” is in the lower right corner of the Overview page for your domain at Give it five minutes to take effect before checking to see if your site works (including a functioning TLS/SSL certificate).

Thank you, I solved the problem. The A Record was pointing to the wrong IP address, corrected that and we are back in business.

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