You cannot use your own Cloudflare account with Kajabi

Hi all,

I wanted to share a post after many PAINFUL hours with inexperienced support from Kajabi reps. I mean they tried to be helpful but just not technically able to understand routes, DNS or issue it is clearly obvious that Kajabi does not work with Cloudflare. I guess helpful does not mean capable or technicaly competant.

To BE EXACT what I mean and wanting clarification on is this this is the below scenarios:

  1. Connect to Cloudflare - all working fine for dns
  2. add CF worker, redirects, page rules ALL Work fine for . Example redirect to and works all fine
  3. login to kajabi and gives you 2 options add NS records or make a CNAME for www (or any subdomain).
  4. Add www to kajabi
  5. add cname record for to point to
  6. BINGO none of your Cloudflare workers or routes or page rules for WWW work what so ever

Kajabi rep tries to explain to me that the problem is their system does not support double slugs in URL however I fail to see how a page rule redirect from to has anything to do with Kajabi network since the page rule and redirect are all done from Cloudflare. After many more hours of trying to make a simple explanation to Kajabi support by providing a redirect of to does not work when connected to Kajabi . They advise there was a Cloudflare issue and not fault with their platform.

Clearly Kajabi support was not capable for a technical discussion or competent thus I took to my own research online and discovered that Kajabi also use Cloudflare for their platform. Which is interesting even though primary domain was connected to my own account the sub domain www rules , redirects workers, etc no longer work when the www was added to Kajabi platform.

Can any one explain why this is and if there is even a work around to this problem ?

What kind of DNS record are you making for www it needs to be :orange: or the request will never pass through Cloudflare which is what is needed to trigger page rules and workers on it.

@Cyb3r-Jak3 yes the www was proxied with orange cloud but once you connect www to kajabi all the rules that were working prior STOP workling. MAke no changes to Cloudflare what so ever, then remove the www from Kajabi and everything starts working again fine.

I Am confident it has something to do with Kajabi Cloudflare usage overwriting our own free account usage.

If Kajabi is using Cloudflare SaaS with your domain, then their rules will override your settings.

You would of thought after many contacts to their support and esclated on many occasions and hours of chatting with them , one of their team would know this. They just did not understand or get it and could not provide the answer. FYI Kajabi is a terrible platform I would stay well clear. You cannot not even use double slugs in URL , cant use your own CF rules. Painful experience.

So yes I have also read this else where that if they are a CF partner then their rules will overide mine. Which is very weird and unique indeed. I wonder if this is publicly available knowledge or confirmed by Cloudflare support?

I also wonder if there is any work around to this? I.e can KAjabi request to CF my rules work not theirs? OR any formal process around this?