You can run Speed tests up to 5 times per month

Speed testing with Analyze button

There is now an option to rerun tests from the Dashboard’s Speed page:

Now it’s possible to make configuration changes to the site and rerun Speed testing. There is a quota of 5 runs per month per domain.


very nice ! Thanks for the heads up @yevgen :+1:

shame it’s only for apex domain and not able to test subdomains too

Thanks, @yevgen. Will reduce the amount of tickets sent in to get it reset!

Now I know how I’ll be spending my morning. :grin:

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I’m not sure if this is the correct spelling for “5”:

Ah, this is better:

UPDATE: I’ve had to double/triple-run a few because it only showed me the Cloudflare result. Not both, which would have showed me an improvement time.


Live stream please!


Same issue here. Someone did not default to a value if none is available :wink:

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it’s me :blush:


Gotcha :smile:

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