You can now restore domains on your own without help from Cloudflare!

Cloudflare is excited to announce that we have turned on self-serve restores in the dashboard. This means you will no longer need to open a support ticket to restore an expired domain.

If the domain is in a state where it can be restored, the Manage Domain page in the Registrar section of dash will display a message indicating the domain is restorable. You will then will be able to initiate the restore process directly from the dashboard.


Which domains are eligible to be restored?

Domains that are in the Redemption Period and have an EPP status of redemptionPeriod may be restored. For most TLDs this will include domains that are between 40 and 70 days past expiration. Currently .uk domains cannot be restored using this process. We are working on an alternative process for .uk domains and will provide additional information at a later date.

Is there a fee to restore a domain?

Yes, in most cases there is a restore fee. The amount varies depending on the TLD. The restore fee is separate from the renewal fee. You will be presented with both the restore and renewal fees before confirming they wish to proceed.

Will the domain be renewed after the restore has completed?

Yes. We will attempt to renew the domain after the restore has been completed. While not common, it is possible for the renewal transaction to fail. In the event of a failure, we will make several retry attempts. If we are unable to process the renewal after several retries, you will be presented with a message that you should contact support for assistance.

How long does the restore process take?

The entire process can take a few minutes to complete. There are multiple steps to the restore process, and each step must be completed in a specific sequence. These steps are performed automatically by the system. The UI will continue to poll for an updated status and will provide feedback as each step completes.

What happens if the domain renewal fails?

The restore and the renewal are two distinct processes that happen sequentially. In rare cases the domain may be successfully restored but the renewal fails. We will make several attempts to renew the domain. However, should all the renewals fail the customer may attempt to manually renew the domain or contact support so we may investigate the cause of the failure.

Can a restore be reversed or refunded?

No. Once a restore has been completed it can not be reversed. It may be possible to delete the domain again but there are no refunds.