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We are applying for a developer account for a fitness app (Garmin) and required to put the our privacy-policy website link before we can proceed. Our website is hosted in Clickfunnels.

However when their system requested for the link, it’s using a User-agent “Drupal/10.1.1 (+ GuzzleHttp/7” and got blocked by Cloudflare, so we can’t proceed with the account creation.

You can simulate the issue using this curl command:

curl --location --request GET ‘’ \ –header ‘User-Agent: Drupal/10.1.1 (+ GuzzleHttp/7’ \ –http1.1

Upon checking the Security > Events page, it doesn’t have any records of blocked request.

We also tried creating a Custom Rule to block the User-agent, have a different response (404) and force an error, but still the request returns 403 and not recorded on the Security > Events page.

Note: Already contacted Clickfunnel’s support and got this reply

Please note that we can not remove the Cloudflare block. Only Cloudflare can lift it.

Any comments or leads of what causes the issue is highly appreciated. Thanks!

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ClickFunnels uses Cloudflare for SaaS. This gives it a higher priority than your Cloudflare account. You won’t see the event in your logs because ClickFunnels’ Cloudflare rules are the ones applied.

Their support is mistaken in their insinuation that Cloudflare can change ClickFunnels’ rules. Cloudflare does not change customer settings. Only ClickFunnels can adjust their Cloudflare rules.

You will likely need to push back until your ClickFunnels request is escalated to one of their support who better understands Cloudflare.


Thanks for the reply!
Very informative!


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