You are taking money from our account - please stop this


We have a couple of accounts with cloudflare for our different businesses. One of the accounts is connected to a business we sold last year. We no longer have any access to the domain name or email addresses for the account. Please can you stop taking money from us?

This means we are unable to log in and cancel the account. However, we are still being charged $20 a month for the account. This comes from our bank account, each month the bank won’t anything as they claim Cloudflare should do it.

We have had enough of getting a bill for over a year for something we don’t use and don’t want. I’ve sent statements, called, emailed and put in tickets. Have had officious replies from customer service reps and told that the issue is sorted out only to find more money taken from our account.

Would you be able to help us close the account, we can’t stop it from our end as the bank says it’s you that must stop requesting the monthly payment.

The website is WEDDINGVENUES.COM. I have sent you a copy of the recent banks statement so you have the info about the payment.
I don’t really want to do this but what else can I do other than close the company bank account.
I’ll continue posting into the forum until I get heard and hopefully shame someone at Cloudflare into sorting this out.

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