You are not entitled to use r2. (Code: 10042)

I signed up to test R2. It allowed everything to be setup, and I create a READ only API Token. Still I see this error message in the browser dashboard “You are not entitled to use r2. (Code: 10042)”. I am not able to create a Bucket.


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I have same issue.
Please tell us how to resolve.

I can recreate that error, can you each run

wrangler --version and check your wrangler version?

I did not see a solution in the ticket I noticed with the same error but if the version is correct, can you try from an incognito window/different browser and see if you still encounter the error?

If so, can you please let us know here?

I signed out and back in again. No dice.
I ran wrangler --version and got 2.0.5
I ran wrangler r2 and got a nice message saying “:package: Interact with an R2 store”
I ran wrangler r2 bucket list and got “✘ [ERROR] ✘ [ERROR] Received a bad response from the API You are not entitled to use r2. [code: 10042]”

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The R2 team is aware of the issue and is currently working on a fix.
They didn’t share a ETA, but I’m sure they’re actively working on it.


Same problem. Signed up about 30 minutes ago

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Same problem, tried on wrangler 2.0.5, brave, and safari, all with the same message. Signed up last night.

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I am getting same error.

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we are starting to receive reports that customers are no longer encountering this error. If you are, let us know here and sorry for the issues.


I can confirm it was fixed for me.

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Yes, I confirm. The problem has been resolved.

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I’ve found this topic but as its closed I had to create a new one:

I signed up for Cloudflare R2 but I am unable to create any buckets because there is a “You are not entitled to use r2. (Code: 10042)” error message.
I’ve already tried to login in a private tab but did not make any change.

The subscription is marked as “paid” in our account.

After purchase R2 getting You are not entitled to use r2. (Code: 10042)
Not able to create a new bucket. How to resolve this problem?
Any contact no. of the help desk?

Yes, I also have this problem right after purchasing the R2 service. Once this error pop-up, it will pop up on every page.

If you are still seeing this issue, could you please raise a support ticket and paste the ticket number here?

@saibal.dasgupta & @rockyyanto99 The same goes for you, if you are still affected. Thanks

HI @jochen,

I am unable to raise a support ticket as we are on the Free Cloudflare plan.
But: The problem seems to be resolved.

Hi @digital12 I’m glad to hear this is now resolved, please let us know if you face this issue again. We will be able to open a Support ticket for you.

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