You are hosting a Fraudulent website

Where and how can I contact some when you’re hosting a website that is committing fraud. I couldn’t contact you at all without signing up and this should be taken seriously. As a cybersecurity professional, I can tell it is essential that there be a contact for hosts and an action line to report these things for investigation. Not taking action gives you criminality, as accessories to fraud. So you should want reports to be able to come in easily. I have already turned the site into the FBI cyber crimes division.

This is a fraudulent site . This is what I do, I have fully investigated them. None of the support works, there are no pop-ups or helpers as stated it is all deflection. It baits people in and then nothing. I had several reports on this site but I can only handle so many at a time. I urge you to take action on this before any more people are scammed by these people.

Thank You

Please have a look at the abuse form:

Just make sure your case is covered by:

Copyright infringement & DMCA violations
Trademark infringement
Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)
Phishing & malware
Violent threats and harassment

Please notice that Cloudflare is no hosting provider and therefore can by definition not host any site at all. Cloudflare anyway takes such reports very seriously.

I see that unfortunately the form only allows for the owner who already knows what they are doing to be contacted. So we have a broken chain, which is exactly what these people count on. Thank you for the help.

To quote the text:

Cloudflare will forward abuse reports that appear to be substantially complete to the responsible website hosting provider and to the website owner.

Like I said: Cloudflare is no hosting provider, and therefore can not take down such websites nor do they have access to their servers. The responsible hosting provider must do so and yes, in addition the website owner also will be notified.

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