You are being rate limited

I find it very annoying that when I try to visit that I’m told I’m “banned” by the site owner and being “Rate Limited”. What a sucky service you provide to customers that you allow that kind of aggressive type of firewall. And it doesn’t help that on your FAQ you suggest if someone encounters this error to contact the site owner. Guess what? It’s little bit hard to contact the site owner if you are being rate limited and banned from the site for doing absolutely nothing other than using the site exactly as it was intended. My suggestion is for your company to go into a different line of work, since this business clearly isn’t suited for you.

It’s up to the site owner how they want to limit the number of requests visitor can make. There’s nothing the community nor Cloudflare can do with this. We don’t have control over their site settings.

And, here’s the tip on contacting them:


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