Yet another question on Cloudflare email! Access requested?

Hi all,

I have several domains on Cloudflare. When the Email Routing beta started, I requested access for some domains. These domains are all still “stuck” on “Access Requested”.

My issue is that I registered two new domains this week. And when I went to click on the access button for the email beta, it wasn’t there anymore! I got right in and was able to sign up both my new domain for the service! So I figured the service had been open to all! Well, no luck. All my “old” domains are still “stuck” on “Access Requested”.

How does that make sense? New domains automatically get access, but the older domains stay stuck and keep on waiting.

Am I the only one in this position? I imagine not!



Thanks for the report. That’s suprising, could you please share the two domains so I can take a look (here or sven (at) cloudflare).

Thank you very much

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