Yet another ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED issue

My domain is:

I moved the nameservers from GoDaddy to Cloudflare.
I set the requested nameservers of:
into GoDaddy

And after 4-5 hours, it is displayed as “Active” on the Cloudflare “Home”, and “Overview” also says, “Great news! Cloudflare is now protecting your site”

Then I added an A record to DNS pointing my host ip
and added a CNAME record of www pointing to domain root →

First error I received was

Then i tried several settings on Cloudflare to see website appear on browser but never succeeded. Meanwhile I even measured the speed of the website as “0 seconds”! (Through speed menu of the dashboard)

The final error I observe is now

Any help would be highly appreciated…

DNSSEC is broken. Turn it off at GoDaddy.

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You are a genius man. GoDaddy screen shows the update is on the way. I will mark your lightning fast solution as i see the website in some hours. Sorry for this delay :wink: Take care.

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I’m not sure if i am checking this too early but even if GoDaddy still shows the purple “processing” message, my site is shown up on browsers.

Also, gtmetrix fires an “Analysis Error” and asks checking whether our DNS is “properly configured”

GoDaddy processing is over and now I enabled DNSSEC via Cloudflare, entering the adviced figures from Cloudflare.

(gtmetrix error still continues…)

Browsers now display :


error. What am i doing wrong?

Your DNSSSEC is still invalid.

Thanks. I couldn’t modify DS records within GoDaddy. I couldn’t even delete it! The purple “processing” message along with e-mail confirmation “suggestion” from dreaded GoDaddy is still there. So i temporarily disabled it through Cloudflare and my site is online now. Thank you for the contribution :+1:t2:

I will wait to kill Ds records now…

Finally i accomplished all the correct settings and my site has its DNSSEC given rom Cloudflare, thanks to my never-ending press on the issue :sunglasses:.
Following should support anyone in the future that would face similar problems. Please don’t see my terminologic errors as i’m dealing with these subjects firstly in my life.

  1. DNSSEC record from within GoDaddy could only be updated or deleted when the DNS record is on GoDaddy. So, the first step was to remove the Cloudflare nameservers and replace theirs.
  2. Locating and modifying the DNSSEC settings on GoDaddy is a little bit tricky.
    a) This is the shorthand url for this page, please replace with your own domain:

    GoDaddy needs only the Digest, Digest Type, Algorithm and Key Tag rom the above. All of them are straightforward but or my case, i entered 2 as Digest Type
    Hope this helps.

I forgot to write, you should, of course, take your NS 'es back to Cloudlare ones, as the final step.

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