Yet another "An error occurred while processing the payment hold"

As with countless others online, I am having issues with transferring multiple domains to Cloudflare and am getting the error: " An error occurred while processing the payment hold."

The issue seems to be with the way Cloudflare charges; each domain transfer is charged individually, back-to-back, even when transferring in bulk. Of course this will flag anyone’s bank and cause the transactions to get blocked.

My bank has since lifted the block, allowlisted Cloudflare for all transactions, but the issue still exists. I have opened a support ticket here: #3073768

If you google this error message you will get countless results of people getting the same exact issue with no real resolve. The problem doesn’t lie with my bank (or the other people’s banks either), it’s with Cloudflare.

The “solutions” I have found online are to use another credit card, or paypal. I don’t have either, but that shouldn’t be how to solve this.

Can anyone help?? Can Cloudflare flush their credit card system so I can transfer the domains, or perhaps delete my credit card from my account so I can manually add it again (I can not do either of these on my end)?