"Yesterday, Today on the Cloudflare Community"

Ok, I have a question about the Cloudflare TV series “Yesterday, Today on the Cloudflare Community”!

When I search it up, the last aired episode was on February 10th, 2021 (the day I joined this community)!

So I have a question about the series: Is it still going or has it been canceled?

Considering they are all hosted by @cloonan himself, maybe he (or someone that manages the Cloudflare TV network) can answer this question?

While I’m waiting for a reply, I’ll watch the episode I was talking about

If you want to watch it

Yesterday, Today on the Cloudflare Community | Cloudflare TV

It’s mostly on an extended hiatus atm, we’ve been thinking of bringing it back, maybe more event focused like coordinated with the jams and proly more of an open mic format if we can do it in an interesting way.


What do you mean?

Oh, ok

Sounds good! But when might it be back?

Jam like events we’ll coordinate to align with our innovation weeks like CIO Week, etc.

at the moment, I’d google that

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automated teller machine

That’s what atm stands for (according to the google search link you provided)

But I don’t think you meant it in that way!

“atm slang” is the better search term. It’s also in the third result (second none featured result)

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Oh, so search “atm slang” on google, (and look at the 3rd result)?

Oh, At The Moment!

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